The Calling of Citizenship

Citizens of a Constitutional republic are responsible to direct the course of their nation, its resources, its technology and its culture to uplift and benefit.

They are to actively encourage, support and elect those who will defend the Judeo-Christian precepts which undermine our Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

And, to resist individuals and groups who seek to debase, enfeeble and manipulate for oppression and ill intent our God given liberties.

We live at a critical juncture in our state and nations history. Our actions will determine the preservation of our Constitutional Republic or its demise. We can best impact the great sweep of human events by concentrating our efforts on our neighborhoods, our communities and our political districts. On a strong and carefully laid foundation great movements are built.

Our goal is a “Cultural Reformation” to restore common sense and citizen empowerment to their proper position in our government and culture.

We're researching, developing and assembling formats to engage and coordinate an informed citizenry.

We’re involved in multiple website and video development along with assembling an active social media presence for team building and coordination,

The Judeo-Christian basis of our civilization is unassailable when accompanied by a Constitutionally literate and determined citizenry.


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