Taking A Stand

Political parties have there place in American democracy but as Christians we must put the Holy Spirit before party spirit and seek to build a pro-life commitment throughout the political spectrum  But, to accomplish this, we must be prepared to field ideas and people who will vigorously defend and promote Biblical values.

The means of doing this is as old as the republic itself and is the source of existing cultural/political ministries in local fellowships. 

Like the Christianity itself, the American Revolution was founded on the principal of the individual (being made in God’s image) has been granted God given liberty.  And, this is formulated, politically, and given substance by the Free Association of individual citizens uniting to pursue common goals.

The Free Association approach is the means in which citizens exerting control over their life and community and seek to preserve and protect their unique differences.  Political parties are meant to be servants of these associations and not the masters.


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